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Web 2.0 Marketing – Your High Speed Connection

Back in the early days of the web it seemed that life was so  much simpler. There was dial up, one email account, simple search, AOL, Compuserve, Netscape and Yahoo. The search engines didn’t seem to change much and our business cruised along at a steady pace for 6 years. Was there more beneath the surface? Probably, but I didn’t care to participate and this was life as we knew it, so looking back I really enjoyed the ride. I learned a lot, made mistakes, and grew our business to the point of selling it in 2001.

Long gone is the day of only NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and a few other local or independent stations on a black and white TV set. This is what I relate to with the early days of the web, HTML 1.0 and really ugly static pages.

Today’s world wide web or Web 2.0 is a much more complicated world.There’s a long list of channels and technology that seem to change and grow on a weekly basis. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Trip Advisor, Hundreds of Directories, Amazon, AOL, WordPress, Blogs, Forums, Tablets, Pads, High speed connections and the list just keeps on going.

So the big question is how do we continue to connect with our prospects, subscribers and customers with so many channels available to us? Well to start with I believe that you need to know your PSC more intimately than ever before. In order to connect and communicate you need to know the following:

  • What they like and don’t like?
  • Where they hang out?
  • How they like to be communicated to?
  • Why should they listen to and connect with you?
  • When they like to connect?
  • Who they already hang with?

Web 2.0 Marketing allows us to reach out and connect more so than ever before. All you need to do is take the time to search for the channels that your target market is attached to and reach out so the individuals know you’re there.

For some it’s still through organic search, others it’s paid search marketing, and yet for others it’s using social channels like Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.

But you need to focus and pinpoint which channels you are going to work on and in. This is a key to web 2.0 marketing and your ability to connect with people on a level that we have only sort of known in the real world of live networking.

My opinion is this…never has there been a time when one could create a niche and have sales within days and more new connections than ever before. Yes – when you know where the buyers are and what they want to buy…

All you need is the product, service or information they hunger for and a way to deliver it to them as fast as possible.

And by the way, there’s still one ancient channel that all users of the web still use at some point – Ye ole’ electronic mail. Yes, email is still alive believe it or not. But I’ll leave this subject and it’s long list of topics for another day and time.

Until then, do your research, dig deep and start connecting versus throwing mud up on the wall. And leave that old, antiquated outdated analog technology on the history shelf so you have something to talk about with the relatives at Thanksgiving.

To Your Web 2.0 Success,

Dave Krygier



How to Reach Your Target Market – Channel Selection

How does a small business owner connect with his or her target market and do it in a way that is professional, affordable and shows a return on marketing investment?

It’s not that complicated but many marketers make it more complicated than it has to be by throwing mud up on the wall and seeing what sticks.  Or they use old tactics that just aren’t very effective in this day of mass media where people are being bombarded with all kinds of messages and information. So you really need to know who your target market is and do your best to not throw mud up on the wall.

For one particular venture I tested and researched all kinds of advertising and social channels, but good ole’ networking still produced the best and fastest results.

Why you say? Well for one thing it put me in front of people who had immediate needs for what I offered and secondly it allowed me to outreach into their sphere of influence while having an advocate to back me up.

Now I’m not saying that networking is the end all to business development but it could have a major impact on your business if developed properly in an organized fashion.

Maybe you’re like so many small business owners and professionals who just don’t have a handle on driving new business on a consistent basis. They are handing out flyers at the local fair, sending postcards to purchased lists, buying pay-per-click ads on the search engines, utilizing social media channels and still buying yellow pages.

The results vary and can be really sketchy, especially if you don’t test.

So I suggest you ask yourself the question – Which channels work best for you? Which channels have you tested and seen results? Maybe you know and maybe you don’t?

What I’m saying is this – what are the best, most cost effective ways to attract your target audience and keep their attention?

During my years at the Tiny Store, both on and off the web, we tested many different forms of advertising and marketing (channels).

Here’s a short list (pre Internet days of 1995):

Direct Mail –( RSVP Postcard deck, Internal List, Valpak), Radio, Road signs, Yellow Pages, Magazine Advertorials, Newspaper, Home Shows, Tradeshows, Chamber of Commerce, Parades, Welcome Wagon

As you can see, up until 1995 and the year we jumped on the World Wide Web, we utilized the all kinds of offline media.

Yep, we threw a lot of buckaroonies into the old yellow books and even a black book. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking. This company published a black book instead of a yellow book.

Some things worked better than others but one thing is for certain…

One of best offline marketing methods was the regional home and remodeling shows. We started doing these in 1985 and for 16 years those events really paid off, to the point where 25% of all revenue was trackable to each specific event.

The Special Events provided us Four Benefits:

#1 Reinforced to the consumer who we were and what we had to offer.

#2 Got the wheels rolling even if the consumer wasn’t ready to purchase.

#3 Continued Presence at these events showed that we were not a fly by night company and each year had a compounding effect.

#4 Enabled us to connect with our Target Market.

Yes, #4 was the key – Our Target Market.

We were connecting with our target market and what better way than to be in front of this market year after year.

And this my friend, is what most small businesses should be working on with their marketing resources and very valuable time – Their target market.

So go find the channels (online and offline) that work best for your business or organization, and make every effort to attract and connect with people who want what you offer.

To your target marketing success,

Dave Krygier