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Clickandmortarblog.com is a website dedicated to providing quality content related to online and offline marketing, sales and operations that directly relates to small business.

We designed this site for the small business owner, entrepreneur, solo-practitioner and those individuals that have a desire  to achieve their dreams and goals in life utilizing free enterprise via the small business model. Whether the person has a physical location having to do with retail, wholesale, service or manufacturing, or is involved in a virtual, web based business; it makes no difference.

As the publisher of the site, my desire is that you can find something here that might help you in your endeavors and if you’re not a small business owner yet, maybe you’ll grasp some information that could help move you in the right direction.

Having been involved in and around small business, both offline and online, I’ve accumulated over 34 years of day in day out experience. From startups to existing companies, my experience has lead me through many different small business environments including recording studios, production companies, retail/wholesale and rental operations, manufacturing, special events, and advertising agencies. Our first venture in the online world was in 1995 with an existing retail and rental operation which was successfully sold in 2001.

Back around 1996, we used the term click and mortar referring to the web driving business to our physical store and remote location, telephones, and emails. The name stuck and I decided to use it with this site since it covers all topics having to do with the traditional brick operation and the ever growing click model.

To your small business success,

Dave Krygier
Publisher | Author | Strategist

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