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Making the Decision to Change Your Life and Your Business

As the new year approaches people look to make the resolutions of all kinds. For some it is physical and this will be the year that he or she finally makes the necessary changes that really make a positive difference.

Making the decision to change your life and your business can be done anytime of the year, but most people make these kind of decisions right around the New Year.

I for one have so many resolutions, but one that I’ve already set into place is to be more consistent with adding updates, posts and articles to all my sites.

You’ll get no excuses here from me. 2015 was a crazy busy year and I let the writing and updating stay locked up in the office and my mind. Now I need to catch up over the next 6 months.

It’s one of those areas that I quite frankly decided to put a very high priority on. But since I’ve only had one other person write for me, and that was in 2010 for a couple of articles, it all falls on my shoulders to get it done.

One of the reasons for this is that all of the content that I post here on clickandmortarblog.com is coming straight from my head to the keyboard.

In the past I have created a master list for titles, but when I sit down to write, I write.

Now when it comes to making the decision to change your life and your business

My questions to you are as follows:

Is this going to be a banner year for you and your small business or just another year of the get buys?

What are you going to do different this coming year in order to make your goals and dreams a reality?

Maybe you’ve read all kinds of books and been to seminars? Have you put the info into use?

Maybe you’ve listened to audios and watched videos, yet you’re still frustrated and struggling? Do you need help from a mentor or friend to implement what you learned?

I too, like many, reflect and look forward to the New Year.

  1. The changes I must make in all areas of my life.
  2. The changes that must take place if I am to get to the various destinations I’ve set my mind on.

You see my friend – your small business is your baby and you must nurture it.

Because if you don’t, you’ll not like the results and maybe you’ve already experienced this. Whether you realize it or not, your company needs you to grow and to lead. This means change and sometimes pain.

As a small business owner or partner, change can be your friend.

So are you going to continue doing things the way you have done them?

Or are you going to change or remain stagnant this coming year?

I am encouraging you to make the change and go through the struggle, but don’t do it alone. Find a coach, mentor or mastermind group that will guide you through. It will be worth it.

More to come in the New Year.

Stay Tuned.

Dave Krygier