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Mobile Marketing Update

As the mobile marketing wave continues to grow, it seems like more and more small businesses are finally beginning to see the picture and jump on the bandwagon. And this is a bandwagon that you do not want to get left off of.

The world of mobile is much more than just your iphone, Android phone or Blackberry. It’s a world full of phone enabled devices along with tablets and mini-tablets that searchers keep with them from dawn until after dark.

No longer is the mobile phone the device of preference. It seems that the land of tablets is taking over and slowly but surely making it’s way into each and every business and household.

      It’s an ever growing list of both devices and marketing that seems to have no end in site.

Here’s the overview list if you haven’t been keeping up.

Mobile Websites are the first step for most small businesses. This simple step can mean the difference of being seen and clickable versus being somewhat seen and kind of clickable. Having a mobile site for most small businesses will make the difference in visibility.

Mobile Responsive Sites can make all the difference in the world for a business or organization that needs to be seen in the world of mobile. These sites respond and resize for the device that calls them. It’s a great way to be seen and not have to maintain multiple sites to get the job done.

SMS Texting has grown ever so popular with restaurants, doctors, dentists, sports organizations and service businesses that book appointments in advance. This mobile marketing tool may or may not be for your small business, but be on the look out for how you can text your way to increasing sales.

Mobile Apps are fantastic for the business or organization that has a repeat clientele or needs to have constant contact with its prospects and existing customers.

Mobile Advertising is one area that we’ll be seeing more and more of. It’s growing leaps and bounds while newspaper sales continue to plummet and lose ground. Capture your searcher while he or she is in the market and you might find your newest customer arriving at the front door tapping on his or her tablet.

Now you could be far along in this mobile game and have your act together with a mobile site or even a mobile app and maybe you even have tested some mobile ads on different search engines or networks and seen results.

No matter, even if you are just getting your feet wet with mobile, take it one day at a time and just be glad you got started.

To your mobile marketing success,

Dave Krygier

For more on mobile marketing and to see if you website is mobile compatible, the Small Biz Mechanic is offering mobile check ups. You can get yours by going here.