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How to Create Good Habits

Back around the year 1990 I was first introduced to the writings of Og Mandino, Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale and Frank Bettger. There were so many others who still line my personal library today but of all the authors, Mandino has been the one who really stuck with me as his character Simon would share and bring hope. Og had a way with words that I rarely see with authors today.

The titles of his books are simple, yet meaningful. From the Greatest Secret in the World and The Twelfth Angel to The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Gift of Acabar and The Greatest Miracle in the World, Og Mandino will go down in my book as one of the best authors on the topic of success.

The Greatest Miracle in the World

Why this topic and why today?

Well as the year starts to creep by, day-by-day and week-by-week, people tend to slip back into their old habits and ways, leaving new habits on the side of the trail or road, to die and wither along with others just like them. And thus their life goes on and all of the old habits continue to stay rooted and firmly planted. Some old habits may be great. Others need to be kicked out and replaced.

So I figured it best to write about how to create good habits and the example I share today is of myself and the ole habit of exercise.

Last October I happened to step on the scale while I traveling back East and low and behold I was 15 lbs. higher than what I called overweight. In a nutshell I had packed on 35 pounds, looked terrible and was quite ashamed of what I had done to my body.

So three of us made a friendly bet and agreed to lose at least 15 pounds within 120 days, and with the money on the table I got to work and finally changed my habits the next day.

Did it happen overnight? No.

Did I have to work at it? Yes – on a daily basis. But once I got going, I was determined to lose more than the 15 pounds and eventually drop over 30 pounds.

Has it been hard? Yes it has, but it’s also great to see the weight drop.

And I’m still working at it and on it since now it’s a daily habit.

The bottom line…

Learn how to create good habits by studying and applying what great authors like Og Mandino did. Because your habits will make you or break you ad you’ll most likely need help along the way. Business or Personal it makes no difference.

And this is one of the lessons I learned from Og Mandino -Get rid of old habits and create new, good ones.

So it’s not too late for you. No matter how much you have attempted and failed.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get a move on by forming new, good habits.

Business or Personal it makes no difference. Whether you need to change your work schedule to fit in exercise or maybe watch less TV, you can carve the time out of the same 24 hours that we all have.

So get started today or even tomorrow, but delay no longer as this year will pass you by so fast your head will spin. And if you need some encouragement, pick up an Og Mandino book or drop me a line and we’ll connect.

To Your New (Good) Habits,

Dave Krygier