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The Knight, The Wrench, and The Visionary

The following is based on a true story…

Once upon a time there was a thriving, growing, family run kingdom that had seen almost four decades of steady growth.

This kingdom was located in an eastern land with its castle a huge structure that housed hundreds of serfs, maids, pawns and servants but very few knights and soldiers.

The King of this enterprise was ‘The Visionary’, who had a vision and with this vision he carried forth with his Queen to fulfill his dreams.

Together they grew, expanded and enjoyed what most kingdoms never experience…

 A unique Brand Loyalty like none other of its time.

At the peak of this growth, ‘The Knight’ was brought in to tend to a far away western land where the pastures and forests were green and the merchants were primed to grow and expand. His land was vast, covering thousands of square miles, taking days and days to travel end to end.

For the most part he was left alone and rarely visited by the ‘Old Guard’ from the castle.

The Visionary Passes

Then one day ‘The Visionary’ passed on and was no longer around to fulfill his role as the leader. It truly was a sad, sad day as many of the loyal people respected and loved The Visionary.  He had a gentle spirit with the ability to capture the hearts and minds of his subjects.

So the reins were passed on to the Queen and Prince and at first it seemed as though all was well. The Knight was hopeful that all would stay as it was. After all, the area he oversaw was far from the castle and world of mini-fiefdoms. So he enjoyed a freedom that most never experienced.  

He even met with one of the other Knights and they both agreed that the peace and prosperity would most likely last another five seasons.

Even though he was starting to get restless, he went about his business tending to the merchants and making sure the castle received it’s due.

Then one day the faces started changing at the castle as one by one the ‘Old Guard’ left for greener pastures and lands more abundant. And greener pastures and lands they each did find. 

Many of the seasoned veterans departed only to leave huge gaps and holes on the chess board at the castle.

The Wrench Arrives

And soon thereafter the departure of these few, ‘The Wrench’ arrived at the castle only to bring with him uncertainty and many questions.

His was a history of battles won and battles lost. A history some would not want to repeat.

His real strategy was hidden from view and his tactics were sly and close quartered.

A temper he had, that was experienced by most, as his outbursts laid out those in his path.

Upon meeting ‘The Wrench’ for the first time, The Knight realized that his days were numbered. He was assuredly going to have to make changes if he was to survive. So changes he started to make and none too soon.

And then the day came upon the kingdom at its remote outpost. Knights, Maidens and Merchants from near and far gathered for the semi-annual festival where The Queen, The Prince, and The Wrench held court.

The Wrench started to show his true colors as part of his plan was revealed to all the Knights and Maidens. Unrest and tension grew as each met with The Wrench and realized what was happening.

The Knight had seen this day coming many seasons ago and he had prepared for this day; a day that many had not been prepared for.

To be continued…

Publisher’s note: This post, The Knight, The Wrench, and The Visionary, is based on true story and is copyrighted by the publisher, Dave Krygier and ClickandMortarblog.com. Any unauthorized duplication, replication, in part or its entirety will not be tolerated and the publisher will pursue legal action.