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COVID19 & Your Business

Today is what I refer to as Day 27. This refers to the the last semi-normal day in my calendar – March 9th. How life has changed as we manage our affairs from home and more virtual than ever before. For me, the virtual realm goes back to 1995 when I first stepped foot on the web and discovered email and search engines.

Today we are adjusting, revamping and retooling for more remote and virtual business. And the changes are almost daily as we flex, bend and move to the rhythm of the COVID19 current.

So how does life and work look for you, your family, friends and your business? Is it upside down? Are you adapting as well as you can? Are you making lemonade or just starting to figure out the recipes?

Look, this is a tough time we are all going through. It’s affecting everyone in one way or another and our small businesses are at the center of so many communities in so many countries.

Years ago I worked in the high end furniture and design industries, where it was all about store visits and being seen. Today those businesses, many factories and distribution centers are shutdown with people out of work and having to stay at home.

But this doesn’t mean that business has to altogether stop and die on the vine! There are still ways to keep communication channels open to clients through email, phone, text, instant messages, your website, You Tube, Instagram Vimeo, chat and social media sites.

Yes, this COVID19 virus is a major deal and more people are getting sick and dying every day. So you as a business owner have to work through this, be strong and get connected with other business owners every day of the week. Whether it’s a group call, Zoom call or Skype, it’s vital that you stay connected and not sit in your shell wondering what is going to happen.

People in your community need you. Don’t give up and throw in the towel. Look for ways to innovate, change and serve.

We are here for you. Stay tuned, as there’s more to come.

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