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Playing for Keeps with B The GoalKeeper

Soccer or Football(if you live anywhere outside of the US and Canada) still remains the most popular sport in the world and the goalkeeper position continues to gain popularity.

Goalkeeping in the world of youth soccer is quite interesting especially when you look at the girls side of the net.  It makes for interesting conversation when you are engaged with other parents, friends, family and business acquaintances.

Why? Because not many girls have a passion for diving on the hard ground, beating up their bodies, going through the specialty training and taking the hits to save a goal.

It’s funny when I look back at the last six years and how much our family has invested in both time and money in the sport of youth soccer. Recently, our family made a 14 hour trip to a goalkeeper clinic and it was a great experience for our keeper as she got to train with one of the best women’s goalkeepers in the world.

Last month a new niche soccer goalkeeper site opened its doors for those keepers looking for than just general information pertaining to the sport of soccer.

Enter B The Keeper

The new site, B The Keeper, is a niche website focused on the subject and topics related to soccer goalkeeping. You’ll find worldwide soccer news, featured articles on goalkeepers from around the globe, along with interviews, equipment reviews and general information related to the goalkeeper.

So if you are a shot stopper, are related to one, know one or want to be one… Send ’em on over to bthekeeper.com.