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Increasing Sales in a Tough Economy – 2 Proven Steps

Increasing sales in a tough economy is not as difficult as many business owners make it out to be. Although it can be tough if you keep doing all the things that have not been working or performing like they used to.

One guy I met with recently mentioned how the business he worked for was having some troubles and the owner had to go work for someone else! This was troubling for me considering that this small business had a decent sized customer list. But what was even more troubling than that was the foundation of the business sounded like it had some major issues.

Yes, my reader, I am again mentioning the foundation – that base which all small businesses are built. That base which can deteriorate over time unless the owner continues to maintain and repair it.

To begin to increase thy sales, thou must have a solid foundation that is free of cracks and can handle more business.

Now this article is not about the foundation, but know this: to increase sales during a tough economy you need to be able to bring in more business and not have it evaporate as fast as you bring it in.

Here are the two steps that I mentioned in my title:

1. Market to New People utilizing Reviews and Testimonials as the base that which you launch from. In other words – let your customers spread the good word about your business. Help them spread the word about your business. Help them share with others and then have a vehicle to bring them back to you.

2. Market to Existing people (your existing customers, clients or patients). These people already know you and your business. You’ve already done the work to attract and capture them. Now all you need to do is implement one of more of these four tactics and your sales should increase.

a. Up Sell Your New Customer at the time of sale and after the sale. This creates additional business. If you don’t have an upsell product, service or information, then create one!

b. Keep in Contact with your customers, clients or patients. Email is the best way and text messaging also works well for certain businesses.  BTW – share more than you sell.

c. Ask for Referrals at every turn. This is a gold mine if you just ask at every opportunity that arises.

d. Follow up with your customers, clients and patients after each and every sale. This may seem like a simple thing to do and it is. Keep it simple – a phone call, thank you note, email or Candy Gram. Whatever method you choose, make sure to do it consistently.

Ok, enough for today.

One thing I always want to reinforce is that everything I mentioned above I have personally done at The Tiny Store, ad agencies, consulting and working with small businesses. It all works – you just need to do the work and get ’er done!

Increasing sales during these very tough economic times can be done if the business owner and management are willing to do the work. Start and test with one tactic and then move onto the next one. It’s a building process and is worth the time and effort.

To your continued success,

Dave Krygier