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How to Cultivate and Connect with PRM

Ezine Articles' Personal Relationship Management program gifts

Getting through to your prospect and client’s hearts and minds is a lot easier than you think. Most likely you’ve read one of my articles, case studies, or listened to me talk about personal relationship marketing or what I refer to as PRM.

PRM is much more than just emails and thank you’s. This may be what many marketers consider the way that they can connect and further the relationship with their clients. The emails and thank you’s are a good start, but a lasting impression can be made even better with just a little more effort.

After years of using PRM in various small businesses, I was pleasantly surprised by a special package that arrived on my doorstep. This was no ordinary package, but one that contained matching logo-ed merchandise, including a ceramic mug, local coffee, coaster, and a folded card. It was sent for my obtaining platinum author status at Ezine Articles. The interesting thing about the card is that it was both a thank you plus had a soft sales pitch for their premium program.

In my 19 years of utilizing and promoting the PRM mug and beverage program, I’ve never received a package like this one; a very rare combination of a welcome, thank you, congratulations and sales pitch. I was not only impressed, but it confirmed that this online firm has figured out the psychology behind the mug/beverage concept plus they included two other elements into their package.

For an investment of less than $25, this online company is tapping into its future and cultivating relationships on several levels. Very, very sharp marketers, in my opinion.

For those of you that are new to the world of article marketing and publishing, Ezine Articles is one of the top article directories on the web. Check them out and see why they are so different than other article directories. As a writer, publisher and small business specialist, I found EZA to offer excellent interfaces, timely responses and quality content.

Is PRM for you and your business? I would have to say yes, because it’s one of the simplest ways to connect with your prospect’s mind and heart.

If you get it, then get started right now and work your way to cultivating and developing long lasting relationships with your clients. For those of you who still don’t understand PRM, Check out my Latest Guide and learn how to implement it in your business.

Until next time,

Dave Krygier