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Value Added Business Strategies

Value Added or Value Subtracted – You Decide Oh Capitan!

Value Added Business StrategiesAre you adding value to your business or organization or is your value being subtracted due to a lack of understanding and just plain laziness?

Have you ever endorsed someone only to find out that your endorsement should be rescinded?

Recently I had someone I didn’t know send me an email requesting that I endorse him. Now say what you want here but it was quite the gutsy move for a guy to send me an email request like this, especially since I didn’t know him, and we had never even exchanged an email or any kind of communication.

The funny thing was his subject line in the email said, “Can you endorse me?”

Well I didn’t and the reason is pretty obvious seeing that I didn’t even know the guy!

He cold contacted me and in my opinion stepped over the boundary by adding me to his list, plus he asked if I could endorse him. If he would have connected with me and then added value along the way, this post would have most likely been written a different way.

Here’s my point…

If you are really looking to connect and build reviews/testimonials, then do it the legitimate way. Offer and Add Value as much as possible. This way your prospects, subscribers, clients and customers will look forward to your communications and see that you are there to help them and not just get into their wallet.

There are lots of small businesses out there that simply don’t understand that adding value can make the difference of landing new business versus losing new business.

So if you deliver and add value, people will reciprocate. Yes, they will indeed. They’ll repurchase, refer others to you and sing your praises. Thus helping you and your business or organization to increase sales.

Now what do I mean by added value? Here are Five Examples: 

Added Value can mean an added service like when you buy a home the seller includes a handyman for 6 months or a year.

Added Value can mean that you offer an upgrade for no charge when your customer purchases a particular product and/or service.

Added Value can mean that you give extra time to your client and don’t bill her for it.

Added Value can mean that you share quality information with a prospect prior to him purchasing your service.

Added Value can be bonuses that are delivered with the purchase of a product. And these are bonuses that the buyer was not expecting.

A testimonial or review or endorsement will build social proof, but Added Value can be just what you need to build repeat and referral business & revenues. So get creative. Think outside the box and look for all the different ways that you can add value or you might see that your prospects, subscribers and clients decide to shop elsewhere.

You choose – Value Added or Value Subtracted. It’s your business and the decision rests in your hands.

I say – Offer Value, Add Value and Bring Value to all that you do.

Dave Krygier