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Traffic for List Building – Part III

As I dig deeper and deeper into this topic of traffic for list building, please understand that there are so many different ways to drive traffic to your website and squeeze pages. In part three of this three part series I am going to give you some insights about where to find your buyers so you can use targeted traffic to bring them to you.

By the way – if you missed Traffic for List Building Part One and Traffic for List Building Part Two, click on the links and then you’ll have a clearer picture of what I’m writing about in this article.

My main focus in this article is on the buyer. Focus on your buyers.

Focus on your buyers and ask yourself the following questions:

Who is he or she? Where do they hang out? How old are they? What are their interests in your niche or subject? Is there any other information to be had about this person?

You see these are important questions and you need to narrow your focus and do some research in order to find these people. Remember, they are people, just like you and me and they have needs just like you and me.

The example I am going to use here is if you are in the niche that has to do with organic gardening and specifically how to setup and grow an organic garden.

If organic gardening is your specialty, then you are looking for buyers who have an interest in organics not traditional methods. This is where you start, with organics. Then you dig deeper and find out what’s hot in the organic marketplace and how it relates to setting up and growing an organic garden.

Now I can keep going but hopefully you see where this is leading and brings us back to targeting the buyers and bringing them to your website or squeeze page. Once you know who the buyers are, then you can develop and implement a traffic strategy that brings them to you.

Maybe that strategy is based on content and search engine optimization?

Maybe it has to do with pay per click and banner advertising?

Whatever method you choose – research and do some testing before you take the plunge and make sure that your traffic is targeted so you will have subscribers who are really interested in your niche.

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Dave Krygier

Traffic for List Building – Part II

Targeted traffic is today’s message in part two of this three part series about traffic for list building. If you missed part one about traffic for list building, click here so you can follow along.

As a list builder, targeted traffic is really what you need if you desire to build a list of subscribers and monetize it over time.

It’s best to find traffic sources that are targeted towards the niche market you are in versus massive amounts of traffic that may not even be interested in your information, products or services.

Remember we are talking about ROI – return on your investment in the traffic source. So choose your traffic carefully and always test each traffic source to ensure that you know if it works or not.

These first two traffic sources I have listed are ones that you can setup and do yourself and essentially trade hours, if you are on a limited budget. Once your business is profitable you could choose to outsource the work and still utilize these two traffic options.

Article marketing – is where you write and post articles to directories, blogs and sites that pertain to your niche, subjects and topics. This method takes time and effort but can pay off in the long run if you know what you are doing.

Social Media Marketing – uses social media outlets to display and show your content for searchers to preview and then decide if your info is what they are searching for.

This next traffic source is one that you will have to pay for:

Pay Per Click (ppc) is one of the most widely used advertising methods online and there are lots of people who specialize in it, so I’m not going into detail about it in this article. When PPC is mentioned it usually means Google, Yahoo, and even Facebook. The thing with PPC is that it takes money, time and knowledge of how to make it work, if you intend to see ROI.

It’s great for testing headlines and copy but true ROI is another story. If you have high converting sales pages or high-ticket products, then PPC might be worth checking into, but tread carefully. It can suck the cash out of your accounts really fast if you don’t know what you are doing.

Why – because the last thing you want to do as a list builder is to waste time and money on traffic sources that don’t pay off and bring you ROI.

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