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Personal Relationship Marketing

“Use This Key And Unlock The Door
To Your Next Big Client”


This is a first for us here at clickandmortarblog.com in that we are introducing audio in this article. Press play and listen in or you can just read the article below.

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During a recent meeting with my friend David, he brought up the term personal relationship marketing (PRM). After paying and receiving a course in internet marketing, he mentioned that the internet marketer had sent him a really yummy box of chocolate chip cookies. It wasn’t an expensive gift, but they were delicious and he was so impressed how this man had gone the extra mile and sent him something. In the end, David paid for the cookies in the fees for the course but he didn’t care because they were so good. Regardless of the price, it’s the thought that counted.

During this conversation the light came on, so while traveling that morning I wrote a creative brief about taking my own PRM to the next level along with an enhanced concept of sending out thank you and appreciation cards, mugs, coffee and tea. It really sunk in and made me think about changing up the way I work and interact with clients, prospects and associates. So I encourage you to email me and I’ll show you what I’m talking about here.

In this day and age so many marketers miss opportunities to increase their value.

What are you doing to increase your value with your clients, subscribers and prospects?

If you are doing anything, does it speak quality?

If you are involved with online marketing, you need to do more than just sending blanket emails promoting products and services all the time. People get tired of receiving pitches every other day, I know I do. Many e-marketers seem to be selling or reselling the same products but with a different spin and no added value. Both e-marketers and online merchants can learn a lot from David’s cookie experience in that the personal touch can add a lot of value and increase the strength of the relationship.

My tips for you today are:

  • Be real and cultivate relationships with your clients, subscribers and prospects.
  • If you are using ad specialties, gift baskets, mugs, coffee, tea or food; purchase the highest quality you can find and never settle for less.
  • Whether you’re online or offline; add value and look for creative ways to increase personal relationship marketing.

In closing, I want to encourage you all to look at what you’re doing to make a difference. Check into Personal Relationship Marketing (PRM) and use the key to unlock the door to your next big client.