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Pause, Pray, Rewind & Play:
The 2PRP Formula

pause, pray, rewind, play

It’s now the start of a new year and many people have set their resolutions to do something that will positively affect their life in the coming year. Some of the most popular ones are weight loss, exercise, eating better, finances, and for some, it will be to start their own business. Have you made resolutions but have yet to get started? Funny how we all do that at one time or another.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you need to ‘pause’ and take a break because life seems to be stuck in overdrive and on fast forward? Could it be that you have so much going on that the hours and days are just one big blur? I recently heard a message that got me thinkin’ about what I need to do to change, slow down, and really review what I’ve been doing.

Here are Three ways that you might consider putting into your calendar if you’re tired and feel like the ‘fast forward’ button is glued down…

1. Pause and make space in our lives to be still and reflect. Even it’s for five minutes.
2. Pray while being still. Open up your mind to God and listen.
3. Rewind & Play back your day so you evaluate and grow

How does “Pause, Pray, Rewind & Play” work into a small business owner’s life?
To be honest, it works the same for everyone but sometimes when you are running and operating a small business you get so tied up in your little world that nothing else matters but your ‘biz’.  So I want to encourage you to take the time to implement 2PRP into your life. Check it out and let us know how this simple formula has worked for you.

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