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Online List Building – Part II

One of the hardest transitions is for a person who has a job to start into their own business. Why – because usually the person’s mentality is one that says I work for someone else and receive a paycheck for the job that I do.

In order to make the transition, especially so online, he or she has to break the ‘job’ mold and change his or her thinking to that of an entrepreneur.

Breaking this mold, better known as thoughts and habits, can be somewhat difficult, especially for the person who has had it programmed into their mind that working for someone else is how you make money.

Making a go of it in an online business is no different. If you choose to start a business online – then you need to think as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, who is running and operating his or her own enterprise.

Here’s the conversation between two friends as they banter back and forth about ways to make money online. Joe is the instigator. He’s the guy who has all the answers but hasn’t done one hour of work yet. He’s just been searching and looking and searching and all he’s developed are opinions.

Let’s listen in as these two friends discuss one way of building a business online and that’s with a list of subscribers:

“Develop a List?” – Joe’s friend Larry says…

“Why?” responds Larry.

“Because you can make a lot of money,” Joe says.

Then Larry asks, “How do I do that with a list, and by the way, who’s on this list?”

To this Joe answers, “People. People are on your list.”

And the conversation continues until Joe’s friend Larry decides that he’s going to check out how he can build a list.

So this leads back into today’s topic of Online List Building.

Building a list is a simple concept: 

  1. Determine what market(s) you are going to be in.
  2. Research to find out what kinds of needs there are and how you can fill them.
  3. Setup a squeeze page with a lead capture form.
  4. Setup an email auto-responder and write messages to your subscribers.
  5. Offer a product or service to your subscriber and convert them into buyers.

Rinse and repeat…

Is building a list work? Yes, just like any other business it takes work. Is list building for everyone, the simple answer is no. But for the entrepreneur, list building can be a way of developing a long-term business that continues to grow over time.

All things considered, building a list of subscribers and clients is a great way to develop your own business. But like any business, it takes certain things to make the business productive and profitable.

If working online and building a list of subscribers is something you want to pursue, check out this list building resource and get your business moving in the right direction.

To your success,

Dave Krygier