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Global Leadership Summit –
Update and Review

Global Leadership Summit

Since 1990 I have attended many leadership conferences, experiencing speakers like John Maxwell, Og Mandino, Paul Zane Pilzer, Billy Zeoli, Zig Ziglar and many others.

Maxwell and Mandino have both touched my life the most, and to this day, they are still my favorite authors. Maxwell is considered by some to be the leadership authority of our time. He has had a
maximum impact on my life due to his books and CDs. We were blessed to have experienced seeing John in live settings that brought his books and CDs to life. There’s something special that can happen when you’ve been connected to an author through their writings and then get to experience them live and in person.

Og Mandino, the long time editor of Success Magazine and well known author, is a legend in the publishing world. I got the privilege of seeing Og Mandino in Seattle during one of his last speaking tours. He was a very humble man who was blessed with the gift of wordsmithing. His books, A Better Way to Live, The Greatest Salesman in the World, The Greatest Secret in the World and The Twelfth Angel, all impacted, inspired, and got me thinking about what could be, the possibilities, and how I could make a difference.

Every so often I will attend a seminar or conference that really inspires me, and the Global Leadership Summit did just that. This past August my wife and I attended the Summit, and I have to start out by saying that it was a very inspiring event. There were a wide variety of speakers including Jim Collins, Tony Dungy, Bill Hybels, Christine Caine, Jeff Manion, and Terri Kelly, CEO of WL Gore. Each of these speakers had unique perspectives on life, leadership, business, family, and God.

Jim Collins is a speaker that I had never heard before but truly enjoyed. Speaker Christine Cain, an Evangelist from down under (Australia), presented a story of a trauma-filled life to being full of hope and traveling around the globe. Her worldwide ministry is impacting people from Asia to North America. Bill Hybels, the organizer of the event, was very laid back, but had well chosen topics. One of the speakers that I really looked forward to was Tony Dungy, the football coach. His interview didn’t disappoint us, and I left the auditorium saying, “the quiet giant.” Last year I read his book, and this fall I will pick it up again a second time to learn even more.

All in all, this summit was worth attending. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about how people of influence live and work by leadership principles.

In addition to leadership, the spiritual and business insights were very helpful. I brought away pages of notes that will continue to influence my daily walk and writings for months and years to come.

There’s way too much to share in one article so I’ll leave the book open to add additional chapters in the coming months. If you have a story to share, make sure you let us know.
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