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Fishing for Clients – 4 Lures to Attracting New Agency Business

Fishing for clients - lures for attracting business

These days with the continuing onslaught of new advertisements and information to attract our attention, it’s a wonder that we are able to get any work done. It’s even more important for the business development person at an advertising and marketing agency to stay focused and continue to penetrate a prospect’s world via all different kinds of communication. It may take offline resources and it may take online resources. You’ll have to be creative and think OOB.

As the business development person in your agency, you probably network a lot and are already well established and connected within your community and niche. This article is based on the knowledge that you have experience prospecting and developing new business for the agency.

Developing new business for an advertising and/or marketing agency is generally a long term process, right? This process can sometimes take years to finally sign a new account. In many cases agencies fall into new business and never have to develop new accounts. I know of several people that have been in this category. Some firms are constantly in the hunt for new accounts to fill its coffers and have an individual and/or team that keep the process going every day.

If you’re part of the crowd that doesn’t have people beating down your door then I suggest you research and look for ways to drive traffic to your doorstep. There are creative ways to bring leads to your door by utilizing web and email marketing to get the ball rolling. Services like AWeber and GetResponse can integrate your online marketing and boost sales. They will never replace an individual or team but will help to bridge the gap, making the process more simplified and less time consuming. Ultimately, you’ll need to find a biz dev specialist to get the work done and bring in the new accounts.

In the meantime, consider using these 4 Lures for developing new business:

  1. Feed the Funnel – It comes down to what you do on a daily basis that makes the difference in the short and long term. If your line or net is out everyday then you’re more likely to catch a lead. Feed the funnel every week with new contacts and leads. In 52 weeks you should have a minimum of 52 new leads for your agency. Just think if only 3% of the leads converted into new clients? You’d have 1.5 new clients for your agency!
  2. Testimonials – Build a book of testimonials and present them on your materials and online communications.
  3. Be Creative! You are in the advertising and marketing business. Have an idea or concept that you know will work for a particular business? Test it out by sending a teaser campaign and or ad to your prospect.
  4. Pick up the Phone – Yeh, you read it right, The ole’ tele! It still works and you might surprise yourself how responsive people can be. Hint: the bigger your prospect list, the easier it is to get on the phone.

Here’s a final thought…..once you get started on business development, stay in the creative mode. If you will, then you’ll build momentum, gain confidence and eventually bring in new clients.

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