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Can your Business be Repaired?

Are you a small business owner or professional who is struggling in one or more areas of your business that has to do with sales and marketing?

If you answered yes, then this post might be for you. Skip the next sentence and read on.

If you answered no, then this post probably won’t help you much. Keep digging around here, you’ll hopefully find something that rings true and can help you in your business.

Onto Today’s Message:

Small Business can be tough. That’s why such a high percentage of small businesses never make it past the five-year mark.

I know, I know, I’m preaching to the choir. You have lots of experience in your business and you’ve weathered the storm or maybe a typhoon and yet the doors are still open and you’re still going strong.

Believe it or not, some business owners have smoother rides than others.

One thing is for sure and that is this…along the way every small business owner has challenges and issues. Some are big, some are small and some are just like a splinter that is imbedded and won’t leave without some serious digging. 
Editor note: please excuse the writer’s grammar and punctuation.

But what happens when sales are in the toilet? Do you ask the ad agency to come in and fix it with new branding and image ads? Do you bring in the accountant and lawyer who knows best and can bring back all those customers that went elsewhere? Orrrrrr…maybe you talk to your networking group and they have all the answers?  (so you know I work with all of the above- except and ad agency and they all have their place and provide great service to us)

I mean really, where do you go? Who do you turn to when it comes to issues pertaining to your sales and marketing? Topics like converting more prospects into clients, marketing that is measurable and shows proven ROI, and how do we drive more quality leads to our email, phones, website and front door?

Who do you call? BTW- if you have someone already- my hats off to you and whoever it is that’s guiding you through.

Well, I’m not sure what is causing the problems in your business right now?

Maybe it’s you and you don’t even know it or care to know it?

Might even be something out of your control or worse, in your control?

The bottom line is that if anything I wrote in the last 339 words, or the first sentence of this post, hit a chord or resonated at all, then I might have something that interests you.

Want to know more?

Want to fix and repair whatever is ailing your sales and marketing?

If so, go to this site, opt-in and check it out. No hype. No BdS. Just tell you like it is.

Dave Krygier

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