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Best Practices for List Building

Best practices for list building applies to any online and offline businesses. In this series I am going to cover how best practices can be used and implemented in your list building business.

First, let’s start out with the topic of content.

If you are building a list of subscribers then the content that you post needs to be original. Buying repurposed or second-hand articles is not the way to go.

You are better off outsourcing your articles to a professional article writer but this too has its pit falls as some writers will not deliver totally original content to you. How do I know this – because I’ve experienced it first hand and on more than one occasion.

Just recently I had yet another marketer sending me a message that said he was offering a certain number of prewritten articles that could be used to promote his product.

Now why on earth would he do that? A whole bunch of people on his list will be using those articles and most likely without rewriting them. This puts a whole bunch of the same content all over the web until the engines clean it all up.

Let me ask you this…

Do like to search and find junk content or content that is obviously not well thought out or just plain awful? Does this make your day or do you hit the back button and get frustrated?

It boggles my mind that people think that they are going to use second hand content just to make a buck. But really all they are doing is taking a short cut. And I understand this – find the easiest path. It’s just human nature.

But for you the list builder who is building a business, I am suggesting you take the high road and produce high quality content that your subscribers look forward to receiving.

The people on your list do not want regurgitated, repurposed, rehashed content that has been around the block several times. They want original, quality content and by you using best practices and producing such content, your subscribers will come to appreciate you.

There are other ways to build your list. You don’t need to have articles circulating all over the place, but should you choose to write articles and blog posts, make sure they are all original.

With all that said – take the high road and produce content, products and services that speak quality. Your subscribers will thank you and will be more likely to stick around for the long-term.

Dave Krygier

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