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A Networking Leader Leads to Clean Compassion

When it comes to networking leaders in business and ministry, there are a few people who come to mind but one that stands out for me and that’s Bob Bowen.

Bob Bowen’s commitment to churches, ministries and non-profits has been proven within organizations like World Vision, Partners International and C3. Bob’s passion and drive to connect people together is one I have never seen before in my 27 years involved in small business.

People like Bob are rare, based on the simple fact that they really care and desire to help you and others with like or similar interests.

When we look at the world of networking, whether you are in the non-profit, public or private sectors, people like Bob can be such a blessing as they continually outreach and connect with others who can make an impact.

In my previous article BNI – A Proven Small Business Success Secret I touched on how this organization had really made an impact on us over the last 12 months. Maybe because it’s business networking with an afterburner.

Clean Compassion Brings Hope

With that said, it’s really easy to get all caught up in your day to day business or ministry and lose sight of what is really important.  Last year Bob Bowen and I met with Tom Mehrer from Clean Compassion and I must say that this was one of those memorable meetings that had an impact on me and a young man located in Monrovia, Liberia.

As you may or may not know micro finance and helping small business owners in various parts of the world is something I’m interested in and have written about since 2010.  If you haven’t heard of micro finance check out – Kiva.org and World Vision and you’ll get to see the different programs you can participate in.

Clean Compassion is an entirely different micro enterprise business model in that it provides products for the entrepreneur to sell, and these products are solar oriented. So now there are several other ways that you can support a fellow small business owner in another country or territory plus you’ll have a back up solar light and way to charge your mobile and tablet should the power go out.

Plus when you travel you’ll be prepared for an emergency and Clean Compassion can help light the way and communicate when others may be unable to.

And for those of you that are avid outdoor enthusiasts, wouldn’t it be great to bring your light and be able to check your stocks and Facebook & Linked In pages from a peak in the mountains, cabin or campsite on the lake?

Well, maybe not if you are a true diehard. 🙂Clean Compassion.org

Either way, preparedness or enthusiast, you’ll be a happy camper with your Clean Compassion solar light, plus your contribution will help a small business owner somewhere in the world to achieve his or her dreams.

So my hats off to networking leader Bob Bowen and social entrepreneur Tom Mehrer for making a difference and connecting people across the globe.

I sure hope their example shows others how they can make an impact no matter where they are located.

To your networking success,

Dave Krygier